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Is there a document that details the Sundance technical support policy?

Yes. It can be found by following this link.

What do I need to do to return a product to Sundance for service or repair?

Before returning a product for service and repair, please contact our support engineers to obtain a Return Material Authorisation (RMA) number and to obtain the RMA form that needs to be completed and returned with the product. The easiest way of doing this is via the support forum.

Please report to your dedicated support forum the following information: module type, serial number, name and address of the person returning the product and a description of the problem experienced.

Carefully package the product in its original antistatic material, if it is still available, and ship it prepaid to our RMA department. Show the RMA number on the outside of the package and include a written description of the malfunction.

Out-of-warranty work will be charged on a material and service time basis, and Sundance will be happy to quote you a cost estimate before proceeding with the repair.