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What the standard name of PCI supported by the SMT145?

The SMT145 has a 64-bit interface vs the 32-bit on the SMT310, SMT310Q, etc.

SMT145 has and a better hardware implementation, using a FPGA as a Bridge chip. The Bridge uses the Serial Links (RSL) to do the a fast transfers to the host PC.

The default is 33MHz and that offers in the region of 275Mbytes/sec to the Host PC; it has the factory option of using a 66MHz slot as well and the sustained speed is well above 550Mbytes/sec. The Bridge FPGA will even support 100MHz.

These options are, however, not supported with the current SMT6025/SMT6026 Drivers.

Any PC-Host with a PCI-X support above and we have tested it with a number of PC Motherboards.