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Q. My 3L Diamond software does not detect my SMT362 dual C6455 DSP modules connected to the SMT148-FX60 carrier board

You need to set the "extra delay after reset" option to 1000ms (up to 5000ms if needed) in the 3L Diamond server options (Advanced tab).

Q. Can I easily use the Ethernet port on the SMT148-FX? What is the software support provided?

The SMT6058 offers ready-to-use TCP/IP library to communicate with the board (to send or receive data).

If you simply require a 10/100/1000 Ethernet link, the SMT6058 will provide you with a TCP/IP library to access the board. You would have high-level software functions available on the Host PC to send or retrieve data over the ethernet connection.

If you need to optimize the SMT6058 to adapt some part of the current design or to add DMA engines to improve speed transfer, the project will be based on Xilinx EDK/Platform Studio and invoke the embedded PowerPC processor core.

The Ethernet link is accessible from a RJ45 socket like in most of the networking applications.


Q. What are the switches SW3 and SW4 for?

The switches SW3 and SW4 are used to:

- configure both FPGA devices (Virtex-4 FX60 and Spartan-3)from Flash. In this case, the switch configuration must be:

SW3[1-2-3-4]=[1.ON 2.ON 3.ON 4.ON]

SW4[1-2-3-4]=[1.OFF 2. OFF 3.OFF 4.OFF]

- program the Flash using the SMT6002 Flash programming utility. In this case, the switch configuration must be:

SW3[1-2-3-4]=[1.ON 2.ON 3.ON 4.ON]

SW4[1-2-3-4]=[1.ON 2.OFF 3.OFF 4.OFF]

The FPGA firmware for the Spartan-3 and the Virtex-4 are provided in the SMT6002 installation folder: C:\Program Files\Sundance\SMT6002\firmware

Note: Jumpers JP11 and JP12 must be fitted on the SMT148-FX.