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My SMT374 no longer boots as it used to. How can I get it working again?

One some rare occasions a SMT374 has been know to corrupt the contents of the FLASH on the board meaning that the board will no longer configure or boot correctly.

To fix this problem we have developed a technique to enable the DSPs to boot into a state where they can be accessed by Code Composer and access the FLASH on the board so it can be reprogrammed.

Steps to recover your DSP module

1: Ensure that you have SMT6001, SMT6300 and Code Composer Studio installed on your Windows based PC.

2: Open the SMTBoardInfo program from SMT6300. Leave the SMTBoardInfo program open.

3: Open Code Composer Studio (which should be already set up for this type of TIM).

4: Chances are that it will not connect to the first DSP, and you will get a pop up on screen. One of the options on this pop up will be "RETRY". Click this now. If it does connect, please skip step 5 and go to step 6.

5: If / when that fails, switch to SMTBoardInfo, and from the "Special" menu select "Reset Entire Board". Switch back to Code Composer, and press "RETRY" again. If this doesn't work initially, try this process (resetting and pressing retry) a few times. Eventually, you should be able to connect to the first DSP in the system.

6: Once you are connected, load THIS GEL FILE (Please right click and "Save As").

7: From the GEL menu in Code Composer first run SMT374_init->SMT374_Reset (to reset the DSP) and then run SMT374_init->SMT374_emif_init (to configure it in a mode that will let you access the FLASH.

8: Leave Code Composer connected, and open SMT6001. Select the board type, then click the buttons to select the standard bootloader and FPGA bitstream. Press Commit. SMT6001 should now program the FLASH on your TIM.

9: Once SMT6001 has finished (assuming there were no errors) close SMT6001 and Code Composer. In SMTBoardInfo once again select "Special" then "Reset Entire Board". Now you should see the LED on the SMT374 go out and the board configure.

If the above steps don't work, then please contact Sundance either though your sales representative, or though the Support Forum and we will be happy to help you more.