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What is the SMT6048 from Sundance Multiprocessor Technology?

The SMT6048 is the USB driver, a software package that enables interaction between Sundance USB compatible hardware (such as the SMT148-FX, SMT144 or SMT111) and a PC with a USB port.

What is provided with the SMT6048?

The SMT6048 features a complete host-side API and software functions to communicate between the Host and the SMT111, SMT148-FX or SMT144. The SMT6048 is the vital software package for these standalone/embedded carrier boards to enable read/write communications with the Host, get the carrier board status/reset it, download files and load DSP programs, access the USB on-chip memory, program the flash...

Do I need the SMT6048 to design a Host-side software program design with VSC++?

The SMT6048 is mandatory to design a Host-side application to interact with the SMT111, SMT148-FX or the SMT144.

Where is the SMT6048 user manual?

Sundance provides a help file that can be downloaded from the following link:

Do I need to purchase the SMT6048 software package if I install the SMT6300 driver support package?

The SMT6300 installs some drivers, however it does not provide the functionalities of the SMT6048. We strongly recommend our customers to purchase the SMT6048 package to be used with the following carrier boards: SMT111, SMT148-FX or SMT144.