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The SMT712 is a PXI Express (opt. Hybrid) Peripheral Module (3U), which integrates two fast 12-bit DACs, 2 banks of 1GByte DDR2 memory each, a clock circuitry and a Virtex5 Xilinx FPGA


Is there any trigger OUTPUT on the cards SMT702 or SMT712? Or are there any user I/O pins of FPGA available on the cards?

I am afraid there is no trigger output. We have recently added an extra MMCX connector on the boards (SMT702 and SMT712). This is not documented yet. It's meant to be used as a second trigger input (one hertz synch as an example) to the FPGA. It could be used as an output if needed, but the connector won't be on the front pannel.

Why does the card not work when using the Sundance SMT580 PXIe to PCIe converter in my PC?

When you use the SMT702 out of a NI rack, not all of the signals that the board needs are supplied.

To make the board work you will need to supply either a 10MHz reference clock (and selecting the "External" option for this in SMT7002, or an external sampling clock. Again this will need to be selected in SMT7002.

These signals need to be applied to the connectors on front panel.

Without this the board will not function correctly.