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Sundance.CHM Help File Doesn't Display Correctly

When you download the Sundance Help File "Sundance.chm" directly from the web site, your Windows XP computer may refuse to show you the contents, saying instead "Action Canceled", and there is no clear explanation as to why.

If you see the sort of error, just save the file to your hard disk, then right-click it and click the "Unblock" button and thereafter it should open normally.

This would appear to have been caused by a recent security update applied via Windows Updates, which is why it's suddenly started happening only now.

If this still doesn't work, try copying the file to your desktop, and repeat above if necessary

When I used the Sundance wizard, I clicked the detect button for automatic detection of my hardware modules. But not all of my TIMs were detected. I think that both SMT374 & SMT370 had to be detected. Why is this?

The Sundance help file (Sundance.chm): "Installation & Configuration->The Sundance wizard->Using the Sundance wizard->Declaring the hardware modules" explains that only DSP type TIMs are detected by autodetect. It also details the cases where autodetect might not function. If the autodetect does not work, you can still specify your TIMs by adding them manually.